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blast off 2.1 mp3

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This is a response to eminem for sneak dissing me on
rap god. I initially emailed him
The concept of this song and it was a lyrical song for uniting hip hop with the u.k .. the name of that song was f.u.k. I ask him if he can finish a verse with. K. Looking back I think he took offense and thought I was tryna get at him. So he started sneak dissing from the first cypher with yellowolf sprite sponsored .. so I thought fuk. I half to respond but I don't want him to come back at me either cuz he will give me a run for my $ no matter what I had to come back with a full fledged diss..
Can't play with him..
I used a beat from the UK
Created by..
instrumental migz.. UK.
The recording wasn't the best ..
Blast off 2.1 ..


Blast off..


You lost....


.....I lost ....

Lose lose for me
Win win for you
If you mentioned me..

Shady the best ..
Million words a minute
Pumped out his chest..
I'm out of breath
Thinking about it.
Talking bout it .
I'm the worse .
Apologies hurt
Because Pretending never worked
Like viagra
Kamagra. Silagra.
Or cialis.
Im Still coming harder
Than a dick with callous
Im On this shit like maggots
In a pussy .
All I wanted was pussy.
All I had was my thots
fuk this rap game in tha nookie from the street where the gangstas an crooks be troubleux over familliarity
Been damaged Dealing with situations way past ugly
But when i cook see
It's like muthafukin
It's hard to ignore me
But all My friends turned
Phoney ..
all they do is ignore me
They Listening to another new . muthafuka..
Talkin shit to me ..
Man that shit .. sound Corny.. ..
If They said my name...
It Might re unite destiny's child..
This happens to be my destiny . A Dirt child. ..Should've been all the way up wit cake but I got locked n da pound got me over here
red.. running.. nose .
like a clown cake
No lies. Or pump fakes
No banana in the tail gate
I'm tryna meet an have lunch
Wit Bill gate
And pay the bill
Like I'm touching some real cake. ..
Wake up .. muthafuka..
It was just a dream
It was all fake ..
Everything you thought
You knew. Bitches 2. turned my balls blue. It's true .
It was all fake
Cut it off . like you calling me castrate . I go..
like it was last page...
Like it was my first and my last day...
live up to my first and my last name..
Keep it coming. never stop.
Never lie ..
Im gona lose
my life cause this shit
I was blessed with a curse
Serving it's purpose but defeating its purpose if i'm
Worthless at 40 survival of a mid life crisis mind of a terrorist fuk isis. I said I is .
Cuz I'll eat an shit that list
ill er on their chin lers list
My Constructive but destructive addiction
got me repulsive in
General ..
If life is a war .. gotta think and move like a general everything d coded subliminal maybe moving wit mineral spirits if you thirsty on a hot day.
hell is hot .if you was ever thirsty on a hot day.
Believe. In me .
Because what.. who did..
I'm orson the great
Could never be fake
Apologies can't.
What good is a person
That always think they right
But they aint..
how could I win
If I could never accept
How to lose
Or throw a punch a Tyson
An not expect to get punched out lights out.. night night ..right..
I would do it for one like
And a follow from him and them
The end Of the last word
Two of them.
Ima fan you got more than two of them from me way back. win. ..m.

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